Semalt: Exclude Darodar from Google Analytics

The problem of referrer spam has taken a dangerous form in recent months, but our focus is on how to exclude Darodar from Google Analytics. A lot of recommendations have been presented in this regard, but none of them is reliable, and we don't have any set rules to get rid of ghost spammers altogether. Max Bell, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, reminds that it's important to remember that you should never visit the sites of suspected spammers that appear in the Google Analytics data.

If you focus on your website traffic and check the Acquisition data to know more about the domains that receive referrer traffic, you might see that a particular domain is making the appearance in the Google Analytics' referrer list regularly. This domain often appears in the referrer lists of all websites on the internet. Darodar raised its head back in 2014, and various websites saw jumps in Darodar traffic by February 2015. Later on, webmasters discovered a drop off and high bounce rate in their websites, damaging a lot of data on the internet.

You should bear in mind that Darodar should be gotten rid of as soon as possible, as it can distort the analytics data for your website. However, you can always correct the distortion in your Google Analytics account. It's safe to say that referral spam has grown with time, and here we will teach you how to improve the analytics data with the help of segments and filters.

Is Darodar bad?

Darodar pretends to be a webmaster analytics program, but a lot of clients have observed that this service is good for nothing. In any case, Darodar is bad for your websites, as its traffic is referral spam that it will waste both your time and money.

Different webmasters and bloggers have revealed that Darodar is not the actual referrer but a referral spam that could destroy your site on the internet. Referral traffic is when a web user clicks the link to your website and does not visit the page. The servers of the referring site use the Referrer fields in the HTTP Request to inform you about the server and the last visitor's activities.

Darodar as a disaster

If you don't know anything about Darodar, let us tell you that your Google Analytics will show fake visits and the higher bounce rate than you normally have. Moreover, the session duration and the number of pages viewed per session are not up to the mark.

Darodar's traffic has three key features:

  • The bounce rate is 100%, which can inflate the actual bounce rate of your site.
  • The session duration is 0, which can lower the average session duration.
  • The single page view which can reduce the average pages visited per session.

Exclude Darodar and other spammers from your Google Analytics

You must eliminate Darodar, and other spammers from the Google Analytics reports as soon as possible. The first and easiest method is creating new view before applying the filters. As the View filter alters the data that has been collected by the Google Analytics, you should keep one view of the traffic and should create new views with all the filters applied. Alternatively, you can exclude the future Darodar traffic with the help of view filters. Google Analytics View Filter is a powerful tool for filtering data. It is important to recognize the domains that have been infected by Darodar traffic. You should continue monitoring the quality of your site traffic and make adjustments accordingly.

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